to be sun !

to be sun !


The greatest source of energy that God create it for us . you know that all of the energy that is exist in the earth is from the sun . if it wasn’t be in the world we weren’t too.

Every people know it and all of the children draw it in their painting but if the sun never shine to us from beginning of the world until now it would be popular and lovely to us?




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We are lower than animals !

this result is taken by google trends

it is just compare between 2 words that people want to search them in google engine.

If you don’t believe it you can do it yourself

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Bozorgmehr – a great persian man

bozorgmeh - persian

I want to write about one of the great mans of
Persia. His name was Bozorgmehr. He had been the grand minister of Sassanids Empire. He was very merciful and wise person. I want to write about when and why they killed him. He was minister of Anushirvan (king of Persia in 1500 years ago). When Anushirvan became old one day he called his ministers (Bozorgmehr and Rahrovan) to consult about his successor. Bozorgmehr told him that his older boy would be a cruel king because he socialized with evil guys But his younger boy was a good boy and he socialized with wise mans he would be a merciful king . But Rahrovan (second minister) say to Anushirvan “ your older boy should be king because this is an ancient custom” . servants who been there said this question to older boy and older boy took vengeance to Bozorgmehr .

After death of Anushirvan older brother became king of
Persia .one time he called Bozorgmehr and said to him “ Do you remember what you say about me in front of my father ? You have two choice : 1- you should say something about Rahrovan because I want to kill him and you should sentenced him to death 2- I sentenced you to death

he knew that Bozorgmehr wouldn’t say anything untruth and he didn’t dastardliness to his friend but Bozorgmehr said that I choose number one but I should said my speech in front of all people . king surprised and accepted the condition.

In the speech Rahrovan said to Bozorgmehr: “ we are friend . why you want to sentenced me to death . what wrong work you see from me?”. Bozorgmehr answer to him “yes you done one work wrong . do you remember the day that Anushirvan called us and ask from us about his successor ? you said that older brother is better than another but I said to you he is cruel . he destroy
Persia with his ignorance. He would be a crazy king but you didn’t accept my words” . the king knew that Bozorgmehr didn’t want to dastardliness his friend he wants to insult to king in front off all of the people.

The king sentenced Bozorgmehr to death . and he ordered when he died took his clothes and show his naked body to his daughter . when his daughter came she first unveiling of herself and when she saw his father she wear a veil. King asked her about what her did . she answer him: ”there weren’t any man . all of you are lower than be a man . what you done with my father is against manliness.”


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how human was created (part 2)

If you dont read part 1 . first read it please

When humans life began Gods were very happy. They held a party. They were drinking and dancing until morning because they found a poor animate to meddle in his life. But they didn’t know what was waiting for them . after a few time mans life improved they learnt many thing . they learned how to build a house . how to hunt big animal . how to make clothes for themselves.  DON’T THINK BAD THINGS because there weren’t any couple human (man and woman) then they didn’t know how to make meeting with neighbors girl and another stuff ! one time mans looked at
Olympus mountain (where gods lived there) and said together why we should pray gods . we can do all of works by ourselves and we don’t need gods help. They said together why we cant see what Gods do there . (NO I DON’T WANT TO WRITE WHAT THEY DO THERE because I am polite boy and if I weren’t a polite boy this place isn’t where that I can write it here BUT YOU CAN GUESS WHAT THEY DID THERE THAT THEY DIDN’T WANT PEOPLE SEE THEM !!!) 

Then mans wanted to climb the
Olympus mountain . because we had very clever ancestors then they decision to make a ladder of mans . they climb from themselves to go to the
Olympus! . When Gods watch them from the top they afraid and they knew that Prometheus stole fire and knowledge from they and gave it to mans (such Robin Hood) . suddenly God of love said to Zeus that he can prepare all of the works. He divide all of the people to two part . then launch a love shot to the people . then mans since born they should search for another part of them among that population. (SINCE THAT TIME BOYS AND GIRLS MAKE MEETING AND KISS ANOTHER AND ANOTHER STUFF THAT I CANT SAY IT HERE !!! )

When gods knew about what Prometheus did they punish him . they bind him to a mountain and each day a vulture came and pecked his liver until noon . after day in morning he became alive and happened this again forever .

After that Hercules went there kill the vulture and deliver Prometheus. Ohhhh don’t ask me about Hercules . two things is possible : one- you know Hercules then you don’t need to know about it again  two- you don’t know Hercules then you can ask another one to explain him to you .

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How human was created !

Once upon a time except Zeus and another gods there weren’t anyone in the world . No animate and no humanity . one time they got bored and thought that if there weren’t any human then who pray us ! who we could intervene in his life ! who we could see and laugh to him ! They held a conference to discuss the problem and find a way to solve that. Finally they choose two gods from themselves to create animates and humans. Two opposed god!. One of them was Epimetheus. He always first did the work then thought about it but another one was Prometheus . He always first thought then did his work.

First Epimetheus did his work .I don’t know why . maybe when Prometheus came to WC he seized the opportunity and locked the rest room’s door on him !!! .he did what he wanted without any thought. He gave wings to one , tail and sharp teeth to another one .  he learnt someone swim but he learnt to another one flew in the sky .he was very busy then he forgot to create human !. When Prometheus came suddenly he shocked . Epimetheus knew that what he did .He said to Prometheus you can create human if you want or I could create it too . poor Epimetheus had forced too create just human . he carefully created it but he wanted to make good what Epimetheus did . he stealthily went to
Olympus mount and took knowledge and arts from Zeus house ! (He stole it) (What a good God!!!). He also gave human fire . it was illegal that he gave fire to human because with fire and knowledge humans life could improve. They don’t have many time . at night Zeus ordered to they that they should begin life in the Earth . Life began but they forgot to create human couple. then there weren’t any man and woman in the earth

It will be continued …

Pictures source : Mythweb

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We live in an apartment in third floor.  Today when my dad comes for lunch he says: “where is Jessie?”

“Jessie? Who is Jessie?”

“My neighbor’s dog” my father says.

We say together “WHAT?”

He explain to us that Jessie is his neighbor’s dog that it comes to his shop and my father play whit it. Today Jessie don’t come out from his car then my father forced to bring it home with himself.

“Where is it now?” we say

My father comes back and find it in the stairs

What a beautiful dog!!!

I like animal but I a little afraid from they. But this dog is really beautiful

We take it to the roof.

Although I afraid the animals, I take a photo with it.

I promise when the photo will be ready, upload it to my blog.


Finally I should know why I afraid from the animal !

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